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One Idiot! One Mic! One Opinion!

Oct 29, 2013

Listen as Chris sounds like an angry gremlin on the 20th Episode of the Gut Punch Podcast. This week Chris talks about hypocrisy, honesty, and responsibility. Why are Americans failing on all three fronts?  

Oct 22, 2013

Chris is on a solo path from now on. I look back on the Government's shutdown consequences, bad business practices by AT&T, and iOS 7's big f'*** you to the visually impaired.

Oct 15, 2013

Chris bids Steve a fond farewell as Steve pursues a new career in the nonprofit world. But, before Steve runs away to do good, Chris blows his mind with what he thinks of the Government and it's stupid assed shutdown.

Oct 8, 2013

Chris and Steve are both guide dog users. The Gut Punch Podcast discusses the true heroes behind guide dog training - the instructors and the puppy raisers. To learn more about guide dogs or how you can help go to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind at or Guide Dogs of Texas at

Oct 1, 2013

Steve and Chris discuss how the news media manipulates your thoughts and beliefs instead of reporting the news. The Gut Punch Podcast Team also discusses why we are drowning in the ocean of Commercialization of American holidays.