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One Idiot! One Mic! One Opinion!

Mar 29, 2019

Today’s Topics: Jussie Smollett, justice, elitism, hoax, privilege, Michael Avenatti, corruption, extortion,   Nike, college sports, basketball, NCAA, New Zealand shooter, update, terrorism, hate crimes

Mar 28, 2019

Today’s Topics: climate change, Green New Deal, faith, religion, doomsday prophecies, end of the world, believers, deniers, vaccines, chicken pox, rights, morality, health, responsibility

Mar 27, 2019

Today’s Topics: Jussie Smollett, YouTube, population control, super natural, spirit world, reincarnation, spiritualism, JEXODUS, Sarah Larsen, Mary Magdalene, code, LGBT, sex, explicit sex  Harry Potter, Lynn McGonagall,  backlash

Mar 26, 2019

Today’s Topics: Brexit, United Kingdom, yellow vests, France, protests, Oregon SB-494, dementia, mental illness, starvation, dehydration, euthanasia, Boeing 737 Max8, Volvo, Brazil, New Zealand, Roger Daltry

Mar 25, 2019

Today’s Topics: US politics, 2020 election, Mueller report, Robert Mueller, Bill Barr, Attorney General, Trump, collusion, corruption, Russia, indictments, prison, special counsel